Our Story

What does Nalu mean?

Nalu is a Hawaiian word that refers to the waves or surf of the ocean. 

To Nalu is to meditate, contemplate, or ponder. Similar to thought waves mimicking the flow of the ocean. 

We decided that this word was the perfect way to spend an ideal morning enjoying coffee, and truly represented how we relate to coffee. 

The Story...

Long time friends and technology professionals Jesse Crossan and Rob Steele would routinely start their mornings at various coffee shops around Florida as they planned their day to help customers accelerate their business through technology.

Over the years they learned about what it takes to make a great cup of coffee but found it hard to always get the same great cup at the various coffee shops they visited. They also realized that over the years coffee had started to become part of their lives and had an impact on how they planned their day to day. 

The chase for higher coffee quality began and sadly they found it harder and harder to get that cup at some of their favorite locations. So they decided they would take on the challenge themselves and start Nalu Brew Coffee. 

Nalu Brew Coffee Roasters is all about Good Vibes Coffee. The key to a great cup of coffee starts with the bean. Nalu Brew looks to increase the quality of coffee by utilizing direct trade, focusing on sustainability, achieving lighter roast profiles, and implementing innovative brewing methods. 

Nalu Brew coffee constantly chases sweetness, distinctiveness, and complexity in all of our roasts.